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Francis Cooke 1583–1663: Mayflower Passenger

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Francis Cooke


 my 11th great-grandfather

Mayflower Passenger

Jane COOKE (1616 – )
daughter of Francis COOKE
John Experience MITCHELL (1632 – 1719)
son of Jane COOKE
Elizabeth MITCHELL (1628 – 1684)
daughter of John Experience MITCHELL
Jane WASHBURN (1671 – 1698)
daughter of Elizabeth MITCHELL
Joanna ORCUTT (1690 – 1758)
daughter of Jane WASHBURN
William EDSON (1724 – 1800)
son of Joanna ORCUTT
Keziah EDSON (1755 – 1841)
daughter of William EDSON
William HARKNESS (1793 – 1831)
son of Keziah EDSON
Capt. John Rankin HARKNESS (1830 – 1903)
son of William HARKNESS
Edna Irene HARKNESS (1880 – 1952)
daughter of Capt. John Rankin HARKNESS
John Harkness MORRIS (1901 – 1965)
son of Edna Irene HARKNESS
Janie Lucille MORRIS (1935 – 2013)
daughter of John Harkness MORRIS
the daughter of Janie Lucille MORRIS

Francis Cooke was born in 1583 in Essex, the child of Richard and Alice. He married Hester Mahieu on June 30, 1603, in Netherlands. They had seven children in 18 years. He died on April 7, 1663, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, having lived a long life of 80 years.


Francis Cooke

Francis Cooke was born in England, around 1583.  By profession, he was a woolcomber.  He was in Leiden as early as 1603 (before the Pilgrim Separatist community emigrated to Holland) when he married Hester Mayhieu.  They were members of the Leiden Walloon Church, a congregation of French-speaking Belgian people whose beliefs were very similar to those of the English Separatists.

Francis arrived in Plymouth in 1620 on the Mayflower with his teenage son John.   Hester Mayhieu Cooke and the couple’s two other children, Jane and Jacob, arrived on the Anne in 1623.  Two more daughters, Hester and Mary, were born to Francis and Hester Cooke in Plymouth.

Francis Cooke died in 1663.