What is “The Tenderly Rose Collection”?

Bits and pieces, stories and thoughts, a tapestry of memories…


“The Tenderly Rose Collection” on WordPress has been launched finally after years and years of procrastination. For a long time I’ve wanted to have a blog to accompany all the work I’ve done on Ancestry.com. My family tree research has been in progress for over 35 years now. The tree has grown very large and I have much to share. I’m probably related to you somewhere down the line as my genealogy has roots back to England, Holland, Ireland and Scotland. That is just the main trunk! The name of my family tree is “Wings of Angels”. I plan to share photos, stories and history on my new blog. I’m so happy to finally get the blog underway. I welcome you to join me as the blog develops and grows. Would love to hear your suggestions and questions any time. 

I’m hoping my children and grandchildren will one day enjoy the fruits of my labor that have grown on the huge family tree. I hope to share from the research I have collected for over 35 years on the “Wings of Angels” family tree. If you have information on any of the folks here or on Ancestry.com, please contact me or comment on the blog entries posted individually. Thanks so much for your consideration and time! Enjoy!

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