Rosa Ann Elizabeth “Rosie” Smith 1895-1984

Mamaw’s Sweetheart Soap Crocheted Turtles

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Just A Little Turtle Poem

A Sweetheart Soap Crocheted Turtle made by Rosie Smith Morris, R.N. of Gulfport
A “Sweetheart Soap Crocheted Turtle” made by Mrs. Rosie Smith Morris, R.N. of Gulfport, Mississippi. She sold hundreds of these little turtles in the gift shop of Gulfport Memorial Hospital for years and years during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. She had a little card printed with the little poem on it that accompanied the turtles.

The turtle in the photo above is one of the turtles I was given by my grandmother, Mrs. Rosie Smith Morris, R.N. I still remember that little poem, memorized by heart. It is a great way to teach children how to bathe themselves. This turtle is in use today even after 45 years in my possession. Sweetheart Soap is hard to come by these days, so I have filled mine with special scented soap. Great to stick in lingerie drawers as a sachet, too!



A Visit to Altus by Mamaw

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Rosie Smith Morris and Tenderly
Rosie Morris and Tenderly at Altus Air Force Base Housing – Oklahoma

Francis Fidelia (Barber) Rice 1846-1917

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Francis Fidelia “Dilla” BARBER


Birth 8 September 1846

Death 28 May 1917 Ashley County, Arkansas, USA

my great great grandmother


Mary Jane RICE (1867 – 1947)
daughter of Francis Fidella “Dilla” BARBER
Rosa Ann Elizabeth “Rosie” SMITH (1895 – 1984)
daughter of Mary Jane RICE
Janie Lucille MORRIS (1935 – 2013)
daughter of Rosa Ann Elizabeth “Rosie” SMITH
the daughter of Janie Lucille MORRIS

When Francis Fidella “Dilla” BARBER was born on September 8, 1846, her father, Gray, was 48 and her mother, Charlotte, was 49. She married Thomas Rawlings RICE on December 18, 1859. They had nine children in 21 years. She died on May 28, 1917, in Ashley County, Arkansas, at the age of 70, and was buried in North Crossett, Arkansas.
She resided at:
Ashville, St Clair, Alabama
Ashley North Crossett, Arkansas
Neshoba, Mississippi
Fidelia Barber Family Tree