Richard Warren

Richard Warren 1579–1628: Mayflower Passenger

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Richard Warren

Unknown Birthdate – 1628

Unknown Birth Place

Death 20 October 1628 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

my 10th great-grandfather – Bosworth Line

Mayflower Passenger


Elizabeth WARREN (1617 – 1670)
daughter of Richard WARREN
Benjamin CHURCH (1637 – 1717)
son of Elizabeth WARREN
Charles CHURCH (1682 – 1746)
son of Benjamin CHURCH
Constant CHURCH (1708 – 1740)
son of Charles CHURCH
Mary Reynolds CHURCH (1741 – 1781)
daughter of Constant CHURCH
Alfred BOSWORTH (1773 – 1861)
son of Mary Reynolds CHURCH
Benjamin Franklin BOSWORTH M.D. (1801 – 1843)
son of Alfred BOSWORTH
Franklin Smith BOSWORTH (1832 – 1919)
son of Benjamin Franklin BOSWORTH M.D.
Frank Hunt BOSWORTH (1870 – 1919)
son of Franklin Smith BOSWORTH
Dr. Wilder Morris BOSWORTH Sr., D.D.S. (1905 – 1990)
son of Frank Hunt BOSWORTH
Capt. Frank Hunt BOSWORTH II (1933 – )
son of Dr. Wilder Morris BOSWORTH Sr., D.D.S.
the daughter of Capt. Frank Hunt BOSWORTH II

Richard & Elizabeth Warren

Richard Warren was a passenger on the Mayflower, arriving in Plymouth in 1620. We know he was from London and the evidence seems to indicate that he was a man of some wealth.

His wife, Elizabeth, arrived in Plymouth on the Anne in 1623 with the couples’ daughters Abigail, Anna, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah. Two sons, Nathaniel and Joseph, were born to the Warrens in Plymouth.

Richard Warren died in 1628. His wife Elizabeth outlived him by 45 years, dying at Plymouth in 1673. Her death was noted in the Records of Plymouth Colony (PCR 8:35) : “Mistris Elizabeth Warren, an aged widdow, aged above 90 yeares, deceased on the second of October, 1673, whoe, haveing lived a godly life, came to her grave as a shocke of corn fully ripe.”

During the long period of her widowhood, Elizabeth Warren’s name appears in the records of Plymouth Colony. She appears first as executor of her husband’s estate, next paying taxes owed by a head of household, and finally as an independent agent in her own right.

An article by Edward J. Davies in the April 2003 issue of The American Genealogist gives evidence that Elizabeth Warren may have been the daughter of Augustine Walker.   An Elizabeth Walker, daughter of Augustine Walker, married a Richard Warren in Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, on April 14, 1610.  The will of Augustine Walker, dated April 19, 1613, refers not only to his daughter Elizabeth Warren but also her 3 daughters: Mary, Ann and Sarah.  These three Warren daughters correspond to three of the Warren daughters who were passengers on the Anne in 1623.