D. Edmund Morris

Mrs. John Rankin Harkness Visits Daughter in Grand Bay, Alabama

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August 03, 1907
Daily Herald
Biloxi, Mississippi

PERSONAL – Those Who Travel
Mrs. J. R. Harkness and little grand-daughter, Irene and Alethea Harkness, left for a visit to Grand Bay, Ala., this morning to visit Mrs. D. E. Morris.


Swamp Buddies Seth Matthews and Ed Morris – Gulfport Business Men of the Past

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One day I was doing research in the newspaper files and found this priceless nugget of gold. A dear friend and I had grown up together and were childhood buddies in Gulfport, Mississippi. We never knew our ancestors had known each other. Cathey’s great grandfather Seth Matthews and my great grandfather, D. Edmund Morris went hunting in the Pascagoula swamps in 1913. The serendipity of genealogy research often brings surprises like this to keep us hooked on hunting ancestors. What a sweet find!

Daily Herald Newspaper – Mississippi Gulf Coast



An old post card…

The Singing River
The Singing River, Pascagoula River, Gulf Coast