Two GHS Girls Participate In Jr. Miss

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The Helm-GHS 1974
Gulfport High School’s “The Helm” 1974

The Helm

Gulfport High School – Gulfport, Mississippi

January 1974



Linda Broadus and Violet Clark were the two participants in the 1973 Junior Miss Pageant from GHS. Each of the girls were awarded a silver plate with their initials on it for their participation.

The Junior Miss Pageant is held every year to determine a representative to the State Junior Miss Pageant. The girls participating must be seniors in high school and must fill out applications regarding their age, grades, and personality. They are required to show some form of talent and to present a dance routine. A tea and a judge’s conference is scheduled later for the girls to attend. The winner is partially determined by the number of points she gets for attending the scheduled events and for their performances.



Violet Clark and I were best friends all throughout our school days. When Gulfport High School did not have a prom due to “integration issues”, she invited me to be her date at the prom the African Americans were planning. I was disappointed my mother made other plans for me for that date. I know Violet and I would have had a blast! I’ll never forget our friendship and keep her in my heart.

Submitted by Tenderly Rose-Robin Melissa Bosworth Estrada Reininger

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