Remembrances of Samuel C. Hoagland by Granddaughter Helen Marie Hoagland

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Remembrances of Samuel C. Hoagland

by Granddaughter Helen Marie Hoagland

“My grandfather told me many tales about his business and I remember the Livery Stable.  When I was a child I disappointed my grandfather by not liking a beautiful Nanny Goat with yellow cart that he gave me to ride in.  I thanked him but said she smelled too bad for me to go near her.  This is just an example of his kindnesses to me, as I had asked for a goat and cart.  I believe that if I’d asked for the moon he would have tried to get it for me.  I was treated like a little queen, as he had my hats made by a milliner, had beautiful ermine fur coats tailored, and a beautiful ermine muff and neck piece.  I remember beautiful boots and shoes that he had the cobbler make for me.

We had a daily ride in his beautiful buggy, which was yellow trimmed with red and harnessed to a beautiful horse.  He had a special seat belt harness made to keep me safe, in case the horse balked or reared while we made Grandfather’s business calls.  He was amused when I would fall asleep when riding but would awaken as we drove into the stable on the wooden floor and I would then demand that we return to town to buy a treat at the candy store.  He would drive on through, the building and out, laughing as he took me to candy store.  This went on most every day.

When my aunt moved to Colorado and after he retired in 1913, he took a trip each year to visit her.  When he came home, he would take me on an imaginary train ride to the Wild West.  This was in the days of the actual Buffalo Bill Cody.  He told me of every point of interest, even the formations of the mountains – some looked like Indian heads, etc.  His tales were so vivid that I was sure I had been there.  In my second school year, I described the trip in such detail that my teacher asked my mother if I had been there.  Truly he visited Colorado with me.  While I live he lives.

During my grade school years, I visited in my grandparents’ home every Saturday it was possible.  He came home at noon just to be with me.  One of the games he always played with me was “I Spy”.  He spent a few minutes hiding dimes all over the living room, then gave me for spending money all I could find.  He would then show me where the rest of the dimes were hidden and would put those back in his pocket.  We played many games together and my favorite, even after I was married, was dominoes.  It used to amuse him if I could catch him cheating.  It seems he was always teaching me lessons through the games.

When grandfather retired in 1913, he was using 50 horses to pull his many buses, hacks, and buggies.  All was auctioned and I can remember that sale.  It was also the end of the horse and buggy days.”



Samuel Campbell HOAGLAND


Birth 22 Dec 1855 Elgin, Kane, Illinois, USA

Death 14 Dec 1940 Elgin, Kane, Illinois, USA


Samuel Campbell Hoagland was my paternal great great grandfather.

Helen Marie Hoagland was my paternal grandmother.



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