Celia Mary (Sears) Hoagland 1825–1889

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Celia Mary (Sears) Hoagland 1825–1889

When Celia Mary Sears was born on March 31, 1825, in Dryden, New York, her father, William, was 28 and her mother, Susan, was 25. She married Zephaniah Campbell Hoagland on January 18, 1844, in Steuben County, New York. They had nine children in 20 years. She died on November 4, 1889, in Elgin, Illinois, at the age of 64, and was buried there.

She was my great great grandmother.



Excerpt from The Bosworth Family History by Frank Hunt Bosworth II – information was incomplete when I received this history about Celia. I have researched much from that time to today.


Celia M. Sears-Daughter of William Richard Sears and Susan Gilbert: Celia M. Sears was the daughter of William Richard Sears and Susan Gilbert born 31 Mar 1825 in Howard, Steuben, New York, USA and died 4 Nov 1889 in Elgin, Kane, Illinois. She married Zephaniah C. Hoagland. Susan Gilbert was buried in Elgin in the Hoagland family plot. I have been working with other researchers of the Sears family and feel Celia is a sister to James, Charity, Bradford, Serena and John. She was somehow inadvertently missed in some genealogical information that is available on the internet.

Celia is the aunt of Richard Warren Sears 1863–1914, my 1st cousin 4x removed. He was a founder of Sears Roebuck and Company.


Celia Mary SEARS (1825 – 1889)
3rd great-grandmother
Samuel Campbell HOAGLAND (1855 – 1940)
son of Celia Mary SEARS
Frederick Judson “Fred” HOAGLAND (1880 – 1961)
son of Samuel Campbell HOAGLAND
Helen Marie HOAGLAND (1907 – 1965)
daughter of Frederick Judson “Fred” HOAGLAND
Capt. Frank Hunt BOSWORTH II (1933 – )
son of Helen Marie HOAGLAND
the daughter of Capt. Frank Hunt BOSWORTH II


Note from Family History by Celia M. Sears Hoagland – Mentions Ward L. Hoagland, Zeph’s brother and W. Richard Sears, Celia’s father.
Excerpt from Celia Sears Hoagland’s Will
Children of Zephaniah Hoagland/Celia M. Sears The Hoagland Family in America Excerpt


Celia Sears Hoagland-Elgin Every Saturday 9 Nov 1889
Celia Sears Hoagland Obituary – Elgin Every Saturday – 9 Nov 1889


Bluff City Cemetery – Celia M. Hoagland is listed on this document for Bluff City Cemetery in Elgin, IL. The Mary listed as interred in 1990 is actually Mary Wells Hoagland, 2nd wife of Fred Hoagland. Susan Sears is Celia’s mother, Susan Gilbert.
First Congregational Church Elgin
First Congregational Church, Elgin, Illinois post card. Celia (Sears) Hoagland was a member of this church.


Note: On Ancestry.com – Someone has added Zeph to their family tree for the husband of Clarinda Griffith. This is absolutely not accurate. He was married once, and it was not to Clarinda Griffith. All the documentation and sources I have found through extensive research evidences the fact that Zephaniah Hoagland was married only once in his life and that is to Celia, whom he is buried next to.


Mary Celia Sears
Celia Mary (Sears) Hoagland Pedigree

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