John Harkness 1750-1821

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John Harkness


Birth: 1750 Pelham, , Massachusetts, USA

Death: 4 June 1821 Pelham, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA

John Harkness was my 4th great-grandfather.
William HARKNESS (1793 – 1831)
son of John HARKNESS
Capt. John Rankin HARKNESS (1830 – 1903)
son of William HARKNESS
Edna Irene HARKNESS (1880 – 1952)
daughter of Capt. John Rankin HARKNESS
John Harkness MORRIS (1901 – 1965)
son of Edna Irene HARKNESS
Janie Lucille MORRIS (1935 – 2013)
daughter of John Harkness MORRIS
Daughter of Janie Lucille MORRIS

When John Harkness was born in 1750 in Pelham, Massachusetts, his father, William, was 28 and his mother, Ann, was 28. He married Keziah Edson on September 1, 1781, in his hometown. They had seven children in 19 years. He died on June 4, 1821, in Pelham, Massachusetts, at the age of 71, and was buried there.

John Harkness fought against the British during the Revolutionary War at the age of 25. 

John Harkness Revolutionary War 2
John Harkness Revolutionary War 1

John Harkness Listed in Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war

Pelham, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA

Author: Massachusetts. Office of the Secretary of State Volume: 7 Subject: United States — History Revolution, 1775-1783 Registers; Massachusetts — History Revolution, 1775-1783; Massachusetts — Militia Publisher: Boston, Wright and Potter Printing Co., State Printers Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT Language: English Call number: 3180790 Digitizing sponsor: UMass Amherst Libraries Book contributor: UMass Amherst Libraries

US Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783 John Harkness

U.S., Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783 for John Harkness: He’s listed 2nd from the bottom.

John Harkness 1750-1821 DAR Lineage Book Clip from Ancestry

North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000, D, Daughters of the American Revolution

John Harkness, Sr. was a miller. Paul J. Bigelow [1937-2001] writes [in 1993] that “John Harkness added a wooden dam and a sawmill” at what became the Allen Mill [Bigelow Mill Site A1] in 1794 [pg. 19]. A little closer to home, “John Harkness and John [Rankin] built a sawmill at some point during the early 1790s” at Orient Springs, located at present 52 Amherst Road [Bigelow Mill Site A5] [pg. 38].

 After the death of John Harkness, Sr. in 1821, 44 Amherst Road was transferred to his sons John Harkness, Jr. [1788-1844] and William Harkness, Sr. [1793-1831]. It appears that, shortly thereafter, William was living at 44 Amherst Road while John, Jr. was living just up the street at 51 Amherst Road.

 William’s son, Isaac Harkness [b. 1822], recalled [in a 1909 sketch map] that brothers John, Jr. and William Harkness had a stone yard at their house at 44 Amherst Road “in 1827.” Bigelow writes [in 1993] that one of the stone quarries [which he calls the “Harkness-Sibley-Shaw Quarry”] was located about a mile and a half east of 44 Amherst Road. The site of this quarry, located today along the M. and M. Trail, is on Assessors Map Plat 7, Lot 58. Isaac’s half-sister, Mary Caroline Rankin Rushmore [b. 1834], writing about Isaac’s map in 1909, said: “He [Isaac] says John and William Harkness, his uncle and father, were the only stone cutters in those days up to the time of his father’s death in the early 30tys and had a yard as marked on the paper [at 44 Amherst Road]…One of them lived in the house [44 Amherst Road] now standing near and the other on the opposite side of the road a little farther east, now standing [i.e., at 51 Amherst Road]. The stone was brought down from the same Quarry as now used, up the [North] valley road a mile or two, and then owned by my father.” [This quarry may have been located north of 26 North Valley Road.]
William Harkness died in 1831. His widow, Abigail Turner Harkness [Rankin] [1793-ca. 1885] remarried. An 1837 Guardian’s Sale Notice lists the farm as having “a good house and barn, with out-house and sheds, and is divided into mowing, pasture, tillage land, orcharding and wood land, and has one or more good water privileges…” John Harkness, Jr., the next resident (he may not have owned it), apparently left 51 Amherst Road and moved into 44 Amherst Road, until 1838. John, Jr.’s son, Dr. Harvey Wilson Harkness [b. 1821], while born at 51 Amherst Road, presumably lived with his parents at 44 Amherst Road while he was a teenager. Dr. Harkness, later a resident of Sacramento, represented the State of California by presenting the Golden Spike at Promontory, Utah in 1869.




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